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Survival Guide To Shopping In BangkokSurvival Guide To Shopping In Bangkok Shopping in Bangkok is a ‘must do’ on any trip to Thailand. The place is a shopaholics dream city with many different shopping malls ranging from the sophisticated Emporium to the legendary Mah Boon...


Bangkok River CruiseBangkok River Cruise A superb way to have a relaxing night off from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok would be to enjoy dinner on a Bangkok river cruise along the Chao Phraya river. But beware of the type of river cruise you...


Andaman Dive Sites – Hin Daeng & Hin MuangAndaman Dive Sites – Hin Daeng & Hin Muang Two of the more popular dive sites in Thailand, Hin Daeng & Hin Muang are usually dived on the same day due to their close proximity to each other. In fact they are so close you can swim from one...


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About Us

Welcome to Thailand Scuba Tours!

After many years of travelling to Thailand as tourists, me and my wife decided to try living in Thailand for 6 months while she took a sabbatical for her job, I was the house dad back then!

Our daughter, Skye Jorja, had just turned 3 when we arrived in Ao Nang, Krabi and I set about looking for work in the local scuba diving industry as a dive instructor (without a work permit I may add!). I had been working ‘part time’ for a dive shop near Manchester in the UK as a PADI scuba diving instructor for about 3years in the rain, snow, frozen lakes and biting winds so felt I deserved a break somewhere tropical.

Ao Nang, Krabi

Things went really well for us in that 6 months but I would say  to anyone thinking of doing the same,that living in paradise is not all roses! Besides the problems of not having a work permit, the heat that seemed great while on holiday stats to get relentless when your there for a while.

The other problem that caused some stress was the lack of transport. When you are on holiday in Thailand the transport you use is always available because your in the holiday area of the town. When you live there you are out of this area and the transport isn’t as good. With these and other problems I won’t go into we still had a wonderful time!

Our plan was to come back to the UK, sell up and go back to living in Thailand full time but just before we left Thailand my wife found out she was pregnant with our second child, so that put the brakes on our plans for moving out there full time.

I did however go back out for another season but this time as a dive shop manager with a work permit. This turned out to be a ‘BIG’ mistake for more reasons than one. When I arrived back in the UK we decided that it would be best for all to wait untill our son was 3 before we went back out to Thailand, and that is what we have done!

Reefe Connor, our boy, will be 3 in October 2008 and after that time we have plans to pick up where we left off a few years, and tears, ago.

Whether you’re a backpacking budget traveler or a family travelling to Thailand we hope you can find some piece of advice that helps with your holiday in Thailand. If your scuba diver and looking for information about diving in Thailand then I hope some of the dive site descrptions here are helpfull. I have provided my opinion of most dive sites in Thailand but obviously I havn’t been to them all so I will provide information I have learned from others.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I have lots of information I want to get across about living in Thailand but more importantly what to do and expect on your holiday in Thailnd. The problem is however I’m not a natural writer and sometimes I feel my style is too clinical. I hope by writing in this blog and reading other blogs it will help me relax my writing style.

See you all soon